What is Moosa?

Moosa is an online art gallery aiming to offer a virtual representation of specially currated fine art made by Romanian artists. 


Our purpose and vision

As a family business, moosa was founded by an inspiring mother-daughter duo. The mother, a plastic artist confronted with the struggle to promote her works in a consistent and professional manner, and the daughter, a bold entrepreneur determined to bring together artists and anyone interested in discovering the mesmerizing world of art, joined forces to create this online art gallery as a portal to the universe of Romanian fine art. 

How does it work?

What sets moosa apart from other online art galleries are the complete high-quality services offered to its clients, may they be collectors, artists or the general public.

 Moosa manages this entire process, which implies:

  • carefully selecting the artists
  • documenting the works of art
  • making a video interview the artists
  • issuing all necessary paperwork for the authentication of the artworks
  • promoting the artists
  • organizing the pick-up of the artworks in optimal conditions
  • delivering the artworks to the customers in compliance with the highest standards

Why choose Moosa?

In the world of fine art, Romanian artworks are more and more popular at international level, becoming the new must-have for art collectors.

The artists selected by Moosa distinguish themselves through unique artistic concepts, special techniques and materials used.

Choose Moosa if you’re:

  • A genuinely curious person (and not just about art), always seeking new experiences and eager to learn something new.
  • A daring art collector willing to take a chance by investing in Romanian contemporary artists, whose market value will exponentially grow over time, as Romanian art becomes more popular; investing in art can be risky, but only when you’re not buying with your heart; a painting purchased because it touched the heart of the buyer will always remain priceless, regardless of market trends
  • An employer trying to stimulate creativity within the company – it is a fact that artworks strategically placed in the office can represent company values while also boosting creativity among employees

Whether or not you can relate to any of the categories described above, we still invite you to take your time to enjoy our artwork selection. For further details regarding the artworks, the artists or the ordering process please contact us at office@moosa.ro

Warranty of authenticity and uniqueness

As every work of art is a priceless investment, whereas the artist’s personal touch leaves a perpetual trace on the heart of the viewer, moosa guarantees the authenticity and uniqueness of every single product. Therefore every purchase includes a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness with the artist’s original signature.