6 easy ways to bring a touch of style to your home

We all know that art can miraculously redefine our dwellings by adding colour and essence, or by telling a story from another angle.
There are many ways to integrate art into your house, so we at Moosa have come up with a bunch of inspiring ideas on how to use art to style-up your home in a unique way.

Check out our guideline below:

Choose statement pieces of art
Sometimes just a single fascinating piece of art placed at the entrance of a room will do the trick. From oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, to unique artworks created by our artists, at Moosa you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Create a gallery wall
A gallery wall is always a good idea when you need a touch of style in your home. Pick a unique combo of artworks and put together your own custom-made collage that gives a splash of colour and an impactful effect to your walls.

The gallery walls displaying original paintings signed by our artists mixed together with other pieces of art or complementary decor elements are our favourites.

The trick to get it right requires a bit of planning, so think of a few colours and shared themes, then link them together, to get a pleasing outcome.
You can find further inspiration for your gallery wall here.

Place the artwork on a surface
Artworks don’t always need to hang on your walls. Actually, they often look better when leaned against a wall. Thus you can display art in your house without damaging your walls.
Here’s one of Flori Bulduș’ paintings, Abyssal Dream, on display as inspiration.

Arrange a frame wall
Similar to a gallery wall, but with a clearer structure, a frame wall of artworks brings a sophisticated look to your home. It’s an excellent trick when redecorating your house.
Pick same-sized artworks for a minimalist style or combine works of different sizes to create a more unconventional look.

Such arrangements are ideally suitable for hallways or other simple spaces without too many other decor elements or furniture.

Think outside the box
We, at Moosa, are fierce supporters of this idea, as we believe art shouldn’t be constrained by norms and patterns. Wallpapers, sculptures, exotic house plants or other decor elements are all excellent accessories to highlight our artworks. Use your imagination and look for different ways to decorate your house in your own artistic style.

One of our most popular suggestions is to highlight the exotic setting from the painting Botanic, signed by Flori Bulduș, with the help of a few exotic house plants, which act as an extension of the painting into your home.

Go with complementary works of art
Another cool style up trick is to place or hang two or more complementary art works next to each other. Our recommendation is to place them in a free and quiet place, that is not too crammed with decor objects, like in the bedroom over the bed. Complementary pieces are an excellent choice for home offices as well, where rectangular artworks fit best, as they create a fresh and neat look.

These are just a few of our favourite recommendations in arranging or redecorating your place in an artistic and stylish way. Our artists have prepared the most inspiring and easily accessorizable artworks for you. Let yourself get carried away and bring a splash of freshness and a touch of style to your home.

So we dare you to try out our inspiring ideas and share the outcome with us!
Which of our artists’ works would you use in which combination?

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